Explain your thinking

Click to mark corrections or easily give feedback on the current project/design.


Creative collaboration for your entire team

You can ask managers and clients for feedback by adding them to the project and sending them email invitations directly.


Keep track of various
versions all in one place

Each image can be easily updated or replaced whenever
an iteration has been made.

We’ll keep track of the versions for you till the design is


Seamless communication

Simplify your feedback process by having clients and team members comment directly on your designs.

See new feedback for all your projects in one convenient place, or drill down by active projects.


Keep up to date on status of all projects

Easily keep up to date on every project activity in one place. See who's added new versions, reviewed them, left feedback, added new briefs and much more.


Easily add connections to each and every projects

Easily invite your team members and
clients to collaborate on your designs.
Team members as well as clients see
their projects in one single place.


Attach source files in one place

Upload the source files for the approved projects and make them instantly available to all team members.


Overview dashboards for clients and projects

Setukara gives you a complete overview of your project status – for every client, for every project. Managers have an overview of their whole team, team members have an overview of all their projects and clients have an overview of their designs.